ESG | Environmental, social, and corporate governance
Cláudia Lima Costa - Advogada R.L. is a law firm that also aims to be in line with the ESG, namely by being Eco-friendly, Tech-Friendly and concerned about the community in which it operates.

To this end, it offers online meetings and has a strategic plan in place to use technologies such as AI to promote the efficiency of its work.

Finally, Cláudia Lima Costa also supports social causes with a local impact, such as P.V.A.E. - Associação Abraçar a Esperança.

Abraçar a Esperança
The movement Abraçar a Esperança was born in the midst of the pandemic crisis at the hands of Anabela de Sá. Since then, it has transformed hundreds of families in the municipalities of Vila do Conde and Póvoa do Varzim.

This movement became an IPSS candidate association in May 2023 and its main objective is to build a Life Project with families in the municipalities of Vila do Conde and Póvoa do Varzim that facilitates their social integration.

SANCRIS - Santa Cristina de Malta Social Solidarity Association
SANCRIS provides gerontological responses and is creating a new way of managing aging. Its activity began on May 6, 2013, as a Social Center, in May 2022 two new social responses were born, the Day Center and the Home Support Service.